Music in colour

Digital Compositing

This project came as more of a surprise than anything else. During my first year at Staffordshire University I had one option module, for that module I chose production technology. The tutors covering this course didn't seem prepared for those of us who were taking it as an option module, the reason for this was that we only did the production technology module of their course whereas this was a central part of the production course itself and therefore interlinked with the pre and post production modules of that course.

Due to this there were sometimes complications when it came to the work, this particular piece of individual work is a great example. During the rest of the classes lecture in their pre production module on day a piece of work was set out for the entire class, the brief was to create a 60 short capturing the 3 rules of film as laid out by Martin Scorsese. 

While the rest of the class blissfully planned out their films over the week I remained unaware of the project as I had not been present in the lecture it was assigned in due to not taking that module, it was only 24 hours before the deadline that I was asked by a lecturer how I was getting on with the module and was subsequently informed that I too had to create a short.

So with 24 hours on the clock I quickly rented a camera and jotted a quick script that I felt was in keeping with the project brief. The film depicts a young boy struggling with life finding solace in music, hearing music literally adds colour to his world. Given that this project was thrown together in 24 hours I feel it does pretty well to tell quite a powerful and the VFX work done in that time came off better than I had anticipated.

Software used - After Effects and Photoshop